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Social Impact

To impact people's lives in a positive, meaningful and lasting way.

Talent attraction and retention

Organizational Culture

A company’s culture is like a glue that binds all the different teams together. It’s what ensures that everyone is aligned and knows how to act to achieve a single shared goal. Since Nubank's inception, our founders prioritized what would be our mission – To fight complexity to empower people – and our values, which guide all areas of the company.

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Our values

We want more and we challenge the status quo

We think and act like owners, not renters

We pursue smart efficiency

We want our customers to love us fanaticallly

We build strong and diverse teams

Learn more at: Building Nubank Values

  • We have a competitive compensation and benefits strategy and offer training designed for each career stage to provide in-depth knowledge of the business, immersion in the culture and values, and the development of specific technical skills.

  • Every day is a new day to learn, innovate, get out of the comfort zone, and turn mistakes into learning opportunities.

  • Our organizational structure is based on an Agile methodology, which creates working groups made up of people performing different functions and contributes significantly to business agility. This working model allows us to deliver not only the best products but the best customer experience as well.

To learn more, visit: Nubank’s Business Agility

We believe that our most significant competitive advantage is Nubank’s culture. With every change (and there are many because we have grown so fast), we want to make sure that the company’s culture remains the same. The leaders watch over this. Each new employee watches over this. That’s what makes us different from everybody else out there.

Cristina Junqueira, Co-Founder at Nubank

Our history

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