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Social Impact

To impact people's lives in a positive, meaningful and lasting way.

Social Impact Programs

NuLab Salvador

NuLab Salvador is a technology and customer experience development hub and our first office outside of São Paulo.

This project is aligned with Nubank’s values and allows us to take part in the technology ecosystem that has been expanding extraordinarily in the coastal city of Salvador, while bringing us closer to the multiplicity of clients, who are at the center of everything we do.

Learn more about NuLab from the perspective of Jurandir Pacheco, business architect at Nubank.

perspective of Jurandir Pacheco

Learn more about NuLab from the perspective of Jurandir Pacheco, business architect at Nubank.

"When we talk about cutting-edge technology, companies seek talent but rarely take responsibility for developing that talent. This project reinforces Nubank’s commitment to such fundamental groundwork for cultivating the current and next generation of new talent in the engineering market.”

Monique Evelle, entrepreneur and consultant at NuLab Salvador.

Semente Preta

An initiative for the development of startups founded or led by black people, with an investment of R$1 million to expand racial diversity in the startup ecosystem. More than 150 companies applied, and we selected three startups in the first round:

An HR Tech startup that simplifies the management of organizational culture through a dynamic process, interactive and accessible to all.

A low-cost system aiming to assist small business operations and provide them with affordable software.

A Social Impact (S) Impact EdTech that works to correct the technical gap in information technology by training new developers from the outskirts and slums, as well as people who have been released from socio-educational measures.

Access the video testimonial of Tatiana Santarelli, founder of one of the selected startups

The Nubank and Alicerce partnership

An educational program developed in partnership with Alicerce Educação, a social impact company, focused on training socially vulnerable Black youth, aged 17 to 25 and living in the São Paulo metropolitan area, in the areas of CX (customer experience) and Engineering. The project aims to develop the skills of out-of-work individuals who have completed basic education but have performance gaps according to the standards set by Pisa (Programme for International Student Assessment).

To learn more about our partnership, visit: Nubank & Alicerce Educação

Todas em Tech

In partnership with Reprograma, a non-profit social impact organization, we aim to train 500 women by the end of 2022. In the 2021, 133 women in several Brazilian women by the end of 2022. In the first half of 2021, approximately 80 women in several Brazilian states completed their backend and front-end technology training programs.

In 2019, also in partnership with Reprograma, AfroPython, and EducaTRANSforma, we offered free courses for people from underrepresented groups, whether by gender, race and ethnicity, sexual orientation, or other markers of social minorities. With the goal of providing learning and improvement opportunities in a promising sector, the courses allowed access to knowledge and information about an important pillar at Nubank: technology.

Steps to fight the Covid-19 pandemic

Our commitment is to continue to stand by our customers, so that together, we can overcome this very challenging moment.

We directed R$20 million to provide our customers in need of medical and emotional assistance, and credits to buy food and other essential items.

We contributed to the "Adote um Pesquisador" campaign organized by Hospital das Clínicas (HC) in São Paulo, by encouraging studies on the effects of Covid-19 in the human body.

Access the PDF version of our Nu Impact Journey report