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Corporate governance

Here at Nubank, ethical, transparent and efficient corporate management is our top priority.

In 2021, we published our Social and Environmental Responsibility Policy, which contains guidelines for Nubank’s operations in Brazil and helps promote the development of a fairer, more prosperous and inclusive society.

Board of directors

To learn more about our board, visit:

Diversity in top management

Board of directors

6 men / 3 women

33.3% women

Audit & risk committee

1 men / 2 women

66.7% women

Stakeholders committee

3 men / 2 women

40% women

Leadership development, diversity and compensation committee

2 men / 1 women

33.3% women

Total: 8/20

40% of women in senior management positions

Board committees

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Audit & risk committee

The Audit and Risk Committee's main objectives are: (i) to supervise the Company's accounting and financial practices and evaluate and approve its financial statements; (ii) guarantee the qualification and independence of the independent auditors; (iii) oversee the performance of the internal audit function and independent auditors; (iv) review and approve all audit engagement fees and deadlines, as well as all non-audit engagements with the independent auditors; (v) oversee the risk framework and risk appetite framework; and (vi) oversee compliance with legal and regulatory requirements, including the review of relevant communications with regulators.

Stakeholders committee

The Stakeholders Committee evaluates and monitors the interests of the Company’s stakeholders and provides insights and recommendations to the Board of Directors, aiming to create long-term value for shareholders and other key stakeholders.

Leadership development, diversity and compensation committee

This committee is responsible for approving or recommending the compensation of the Company’s executive officers and key service providers, as well as the Board of Directors. In addition, this committee also reviews management succession plans, assesses compensation and benefits policies applicable to executive officers, and analyzes the degree of workforce diversity and inclusion and the management of compensation programs on a non-discriminatory basis.

Selo de responsabilidade Merco

We were recognized by Merco’s Corporate Responsibility and Governance (ESG) ranking as one of Brazil’s 100 best companies for ESG.


Nubank is a member of industry associations such as ABBC (Brazilian Bank Association), ANBIMA (Brazilian Financial and Capital Markets Association), ANCORD (National Association of Brokers and Distributors of Securities, Foreign Exchange and Commodities) and Câ (Brazilian Chamber of Digital Economy).

In addition, in March 2021, together with other companies, Nubank founded Zetta – where it currently holds the position of president.

Ethics and Integrity

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Ethics and Integrity

For us, ethics and integrity are non-negotiable values. We are all responsible for co-creating Nubank on a daily basis. And as we grow and become increasingly efficient and relevant in the financial and technology markets, we understand that preserving the values that brought us here is critical. Therefore, we rely on several documents and policies that guide us according to the core principles of ethics and integrity:

Privacy and personal data protection

For us, caring for the privacy and protection of personal data is a priority to ensure that more and more people have access to financial services and can freely move their money with confidence and security.

Privacy policy

Cybersecurity policy

More sustainable businesses

Responsible decisions are the basis for building products and services that generate shared value for our customers, for Nubank and for society. This is why the integration of ESG criteria in all processes and decision -making is one of Nu Impacto's strategic pillars.

We are establishing an internal ESG Technical Forum, where we will bring together leaders from different areas of Nubank to analyze initiatives from an ESG perspective, whereby the environmental and social impacts of our business decisions are carefully considered.

The educational component of our products and the “low and grow”* approach to borrowing that we promote provide a safe evolution of credit limits, and are key to preventing customers from becoming indebted, while maintaining the safety of our products.
*Approach in which the initial credit limit is very low (between R$50 and R$400), but increases as the client proves his/her ability to manage it correctly.

Responsible supply chain

We recognize the potential impact we have throughout our value chain and seek to establish a transparent and responsible relationship with our suppliers.

In 2021, ESG criteria were added to our supplier qualification and selection process, and we launched an engagement platform, the Nu Academy for Suppliers, to support them in the process of becoming more effective in these areas.

Voluntary commitments

We believe in the power of collaboration and engagement to advance impact agendas that benefit society and the environment. Therefore, we have chosen forums in which we will actively participate to help build a more responsible and sustainable future:

We recently joined the UN Global Compact's Brazil Network, through which we will actively work to advance the country’s Financial Inclusion and Education agenda.

We Support Un Global Compact

We also disclose to CDP, so that we can manage and improve our ability to fight climate change

Disclosure Insight Action

Access the PDF version of our Nu Impact Journey report