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Social Impact

To impact people's lives in a positive, meaningful and lasting way.

Financial Inclusion and Education

As we simplify financial services, as well as set aside common taboos about discussing money in order to talk about it frankly and intelligently, we help remove historical barriers to access and empower people to take control of their finances.

One of our first major steps as a company was to offer a starter credit card, with a low initial spending limit that gradually increased, giving customers the opportunity to begin building their credit history responsibly.

Impacto do Nubank na inclusão e educação financeira dos brasileiros

In the Financial Inclusion and Education Report, with research compiled by BSD / Elevate Consulting, we present the estimated positive impacts we have made on people's lives.

Social impact of our actions

Personal Account Customers

34 million

Brazilians have felt empowered by Nubank to make their own financial decisions

5.5 million

Brazilians have been included in the financial system through Nubank

Business Account Customers


of our business account customers had Nubank as the first financial services provider for their business


of small business owners confirmed they were able to reduce their level of business debt after becoming Nubank customers

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"I didn’t have an account. I used my husband’s account. So it was difficult because the transfer fee was expensive, sometimes the transfer fee was more expensive than the lunch box. So sometimes I even lost a client because of this"

Graciete Onorato, Nubank customer since 2020

Donos do pedaço

In December 2021, during our IPO process, we launched the NuSócios (NuPartners) program, making 7.5 million customers our partners through the donation of a BDR to each of them.

donos do pedaço

Financial Education Content

We publish financial education content on our blog, YouTube channel and other social media. And we want to go further, helping our customers get organized to make and activate their plans!

Any plan. From the biggest to the smallest. From the most complex to the simplest. Plans to buy a house or pay bills on time.

Here are stories of people who have made plans and how Nubank has stood by their side on their journey to make them happen.


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Access the PDF version of our Nu Impact Journey report