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Environmental Impact

We were the first financial institution in Brazil and Mexico to neutralize its current as well as historical carbon footprint, and we are committed to being a carbon-neutral company forever.

In 2020, we became the first financial institution in Brazil and Mexico to neutralize its carbon footprint, by offsetting all of Nubank’s carbon emissions since 2013. And we are committed to remaining carbon-neutral forever.

Our carbon footprint

Carbon Offset


GHG emissions per million customers:

(-33,35% vs. 2020)



(-28,66% vs. 2020)

Nubank’s Total Emissions (tons of CO2e)

GHG emission chart
GHG emission chart

We offset our carbon emissions by supporting social in Brazil and Mexico

Note: In this update of the Journey Report for the 2021 GHG inventory, we have improved our climate transparency process towards global best practices by presenting the CO2 equivalent and the CO2 of biogenic origin emissions separately, and will offset our 2021 emissions considering only the CO2 equivalent emissions in the second half of 2022, as recommended by the GHG Protocol Brazil.

Nubank’s primary GHG emitting activities are:

GHG Emissions (tCO2e)

% Over Total Emissions

Home-to-work employee commute




Card production


Card transportation


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ghg protocol ghg protocol img

The 2021 Emissions Inventory was audited by KPMG and received the Gold seal by Brazil GHG Protocol Program, conferring conferring the highest level of quality and scope of the information reportedand will be included in the Public Emissions Registry in the second half of 2022.

To learn more, access the 2020 Emissions Inventory, audited by KPMG.

Access the PDF version of our Nu Impact Journey report