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Social Impact

To impact people's lives in a positive, meaningful and lasting way.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our goal:

To be one of the most diverse and inclusive companies in the world, reflecting the populations of the countries where we operate.

Affinity Groups

Made by Nubankers, for Nubankers. A place to discuss and propose actions for inclusion, where everyone feels free to express their individual nature.

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Construir equipes fortes e diversas é um dos valores do Nubank. E para que isso aconteça naturalmente é preciso comprometimento, ações intencionais e trabalho direcionado para criar um ambiente mais plural e inclusivo.

Leadership positions occupied by people from underrepresented groups: 61,5%
Women managers 42,7%
Black managers 18%

Numbers referring to the total of Nubankers in Brazil (not including Easyinvest) who completed the self-declaration of diversity (n = 4.993)

Watch the video NuBlacks: Ancestors of the Future

"If you don’t have strong and diverse teams, especially diverse, it’s very difficult for us to build a product that will reflect society. It will reflect the people who built that product. So when I say that I see Nubank evolving, it’s not just in terms of the company, how much we’ve grown, it’s how much we’ve grown by hiring people from different groups, from different underrepresented groups."

Priscila Souza, Nubanker since 2019

Watch the video NuBlacks: Ancestors of the Future

Programs for intentional hiring and development of underrepresented groups

We have a robust strategy that combines new talent attraction and career advancement at Nubank.

We have been designated with the Seal “Yes to racial equality”, in the “Commitment” category, by Instituto Identidades do Brasil (ID_BR), a pioneering organization that supports the promotion and acceleration of racial equality in Brazil.

Um símbolo representando diversas cores com um texto dizendo sim à igualdade racial

Black Leaders in Finance

Recruitment program specific to management positions in the Finance area, focused on Black candidates. The project’s opportunities were featured in the careers section of Nubank’s website, and we selected professionals specializing in Treasury, Tax and Mergers & Acquisitions.

Yes, She Codes

Nubank’s software engineering hiring program, open to all women with any level of experience. In addition to recruiting new talent to work at Nubank, the program is also a space for women engineers to meet, share experiences, exchange ideas and create connections. We received 2,759 applications for the program and hired 46 professionals, including cisgender women, transgender women, and non-binary individuals.

Nós Codamos (We Code)

A virtual event to recruit Black people to Nubank’s software engineering team. Throughout the first two editions in 2021, we hired 63 self-declared Black professionals.

Associate Product Manager Program

The project focuses on people who are beginning or transitioning their careers, pursuing a degree or have completed one in any area. Fifteen people were hired, all coming from an underrepresented social group (women, PWDs, LGBTQIA+, Black).

Affirmative Job Opportunities in Data Science

Nubank’s Data Science area has developed a selection process that offers opportunities for data scientists and Machine Learning engineers who identify as Black. By the end of 2021, eight professionals had been hired, at different levels of seniority.

Risk & Compliance Internship

The Risk and Compliance area has developed a selection process that offers opportunities to interns who identify as Black. The project hired 12 professionals in 2021.

Goals referring to the total number of self-declared Nubankers

Erratum: In the last update of this document, we noticed an error in the reported data regarding intentional hiring programs. The numbers presented above have already been corrected.

Watch the video: We change the system, by Matheus Silva

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