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Social Impact

To impact people's lives in a positive, meaningful and lasting way.

Customer Experience

The customer is at the center of everything we do. As a technology company, we want to deliver simple, practical products that enable people to solve problems without having to contact us.

However, if they do need to talk to us, it’s our mission to WOW them during every interaction. Our customer excellence team, the Xpeers, has the mission to deliver outstanding customer experience every time.

Learn about the four pillars of customer service at Nubank:


We anticipate potential customer needs and are prepared to give them the best possible support.


We respond in a timely fashion; we seek to solve any issue upon first contact.


We practice empathy with every interaction; we go beyond offering the best experience; we always act in a way that puts our customers’ safety first.


We make the process transparent for the customer; we work to eliminate information noise; we help the customer solve their problems with autonomy, if they wish to.

Watch the video to see how far we go to "wow" our customers.

Get to know the Nu Community too, our social platform with more than 300,000 customers as members. Go to: Nu-Community

“What has Nubank meant in my life? It was the realization of many dreams, it was the gateway to learning about money, having easy control there in the app, talking to the customer service which seems like you are chatting with a friend, it’s very direct, very simple, transparent really"

Anderson Annunciato, Nubank customer since 2016

Our numbers

Customers +53,9 million
Credit card customers +34,5 million
NuAccount Customers +49,8 million
Net Promoter Score (NPS) Brazil 90
Luis Moreno, co-fundador do Nubank em uma arte que representa sua imagem

We strive to build every customer experience upon solid foundations, letting technology complete those tasks it’s best suited for, while empowering Nubankers to focus on things they do best, like empathy, creativity and strategic thinking. Building custom technology is a core competency at Nubank, not a support department. Having a deeper understanding and greater control of the fundamentals gives us the power to reinvent customer experiences at their core and accelerate our product development cycles over the long term. Nailing the details ultimately enables us to move faster, solving new problems as they emerge, and reinforces at scale the stability and simplicity of Nubank for our customers.

Ed Wibble, Co-Founder at Nubank

Innovation and Technology

Here at Nubank, we don’t have a dedicated team for innovation. Every Nubanker has the responsibility to innovate, challenge the status quo and think about how we can do things differently. This is an intepart of our culture.

Our focus is on the customer, and we must solve their problems. This is the essence of our innovation. We are always thinking about the next problem to be solved.

Uma ilustração com tons roxos de pessoas mexendo no App do Nubank

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